In-Depth Cyber Security Awareness Training Program Now Available for Instant Download Today from the Security Experts at

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

Businesses can now download the industry leading cyber security awareness training program today from the compliance specialists at Properly training and educating employees on critical information security threats and best practices is a must in todays society, and it starts by downloading the cyber security awareness training program from

The documentation is incredibly in-depth and comes complete with the following documentation:

Comprehensive PowerPoint slide presentation
In-depth security awareness training manual
Security Awareness Secure Coding Training Checklist
Employee Tracking Sheet
Certificate of Completion template

Organizations all throughout the globe are being challenged like never before when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of critical information resources. The key is putting in place industry leading employee and workforce member security training for ensuring all individuals are vitally aware of todays emerging security issues, threats, and best practices. The solution is to simply download the comprehensive cyber security awareness training program today from the compliance specialists at

Todays digital society continues to use information technology more and more, which ultimately means everyone needs to be aware of emerging security issues, threats, and concerns. The very best way to undertake such an endeavor is by downloading the high-quality cyber security awareness training program material today from the security experts at The documentation is easy-to-uses, can be edited as needed, so get started today.

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Australec Switchgears Expands Weatherproof Product Range

Sunshine West, VIC, Australia (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

Australec Switchgears (, one of the leading manufacturers of electrical products in Australia and New Zealand, has now expanded its range of weatherproof products. One of the companys monthly specials in fact had recently featured $ 8 of 24 in a box weatherproof white enclosures.

The weatherproof range includes solid wall boxes, enclosures with double powerpoints, interior wall switches, exterior wall switches, exterior single GPOs, and 1-3 Gang horizontal and vertical switches. Monthly specials announced in Australecs newspaper and social media profiles introduce discounted prices and dealer promos that occasionally feature some of these protective equipment.

Weatherproofing is very important for outdoor switchgear and outlets, and is one of the most essential in basic safety practices for public venues. If installations are not done correctly or if outlets are left exposed to the weather, there is higher risk for short circuits and electrocution. Electrical product experts like Australec can be called upon for professional installations.

Australec Switchgear is 100% Australian owned since 1994. the company is dedicated to providing electrical products of fine quality and durability at competitive prices. The products comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards and are manufactured in its ISO 9001:2000 compliant factory.

Australec’s range of circuit protection introduces time saving advantages being buss bar compatible as well as the standard wiring facilities.

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Long Distance Relationship Resource Launches for Couples and Therapists

(PRWEB) March 15, 2014

A new site for those embarking on a long distance relationship has been launched. The aim of the Long Distance Relationship website is to become an indispensable resource for those carrying out their relationship while separated geographically. As well as providing help for those in a relationship of this type, the website is also aimed at those working to support couples separated by their locations. For this reason there are many articles and guides available for therapists, and researchers, who work with separated couples on the website.

The highlight of the website is the long distance relationship frequently asked questions (Long Distance Relationship Top 14 Frequently Asked Questions) section which is an on-going document that is continually being added to. The list of questions and answers provide solutions to the issues commonly faced by those in a long distance relationship, as well as those supporting a couple which is living apart. The popular queries on this section of the site covers such issues as whether those in long distance relationships cheat more than regular couples, what the potential problems are, and things to avoid that can cause trouble in such a relationship.

We found we were getting a lot of the same sort of questions coming in from our readers once the site went live, the content manager for the site explained. To help provide more useful content to our audience, we compiled the most frequently asked questions and published them, along with detailed answers. This not only saves our team time, but also provides a valuable resource for those in this type of relationship, he continued.

As a large proportion of those visiting the site are in fact those in this form of relationship, there is a substantial amount of information for those visitors. This includes not only the aforementioned FAQ, but also a downloadable copy of the Separation Inventory for Couple in Long Distance Relationships report. This is a popular report that is said to provide useful assistance to those living apart while in a relationship together.

While couples are well catered for by this website, there is also a large amount of content for therapists who work with those in this type of relationship. This content is based on the work by Dr. Guldner, a leading figure in the analysis of relationships where the participants are separated by considerable distances. This section of the website includes a PowerPoint presentation that is free to view and download. The slideshow presentation contains lots of information aimed at therapists working with couples in this situation; however, it can also be viewed by anyone wanting to know more about this type of relationship. We were lucky enough to find contributions from Dr. Guldner which we could publish on our site the websites editor explained. Hopefully these resources will be valuable to our readers and give them some welcome advice on dealing with their relationship arrangements he continued.

The also contains a section for educators. The pages on this part of the website have been created to help those teaching on the subject of this type of relationship. The content can help those giving lectures or hosting discussion groups on this topic. Assistance is also available for those who have been tasked with creating a lesson plan on this topic. This area of the site also provides useful goals, objectives, and learning outcomes which can be included in lessons given on this subject. Overall, for those working in education and imparting knowledge relating to this type of relationship, then this section of the site aims to be a valuable resource.

While we aim to cater to those in this type of relationship, in the process of doing our research we came into contact with a number of experts in the field, the sites creator shared. Those academics and other professionals were keen to share their information with us so we decided to publish it on the site for use by others working with those in this type or relationship, such as educators and therapists, he continued.

Although the website is relatively new, its already receiving lots of feedback from grateful readers who have found helpful advice and reassurance from the information published. As long as there continues to be people in this type of relationship, it seems that there will always be an audience for this website and its counterparts.

Visit The Centre for the Study of Long Distance Relationships:

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Digital FlipBook Creator by Now is Affordable for Small Business

(PRWEB) March 15, 2014

Flippagemaker is offering its flipbook creator at affordable prices for small business owners. Providing software at reasonable prices is especially useful for the users who have small business and cannot afford purchasing a high priced alternative. FlipBook Creator has become the major digital flipbook software for small business in 2014. This software has won a number of users since released a few years ago. The company keeps on updating the program frequently. FlipBook Creator helps users create PDF to high quality flip book at just $ 99.

The software helps people design stunning digital catalog with impressive flash page flipping effect and also helps users publish the e-catalog online easily. The company provides its users perfect digital printing solutions.

FlipBook Creator has a number of features that are helpful for publishing an online book. Users can alter the background and themes for the catalog, brochures easily and can put in audio file with an animated assistant in order to set up product catalog.

When contacted, a representative of the company said, Yes, we are offering FlipBook Creator at the most affordable prices so that most users get helps to grow their businesses. We want to help both big and small business owners to get success with ease. It helps them make their presentation look fabulous by adding a number of creative effects. He further added, We are a reputed company for offering exceptional solutions for digital printing and digital publishing product and aim to offer a number of new and innovative software in times to come.

Flippagemaker is offering a number of effective products that include PDF to FlipBook Tools for building flash flipbooks from PDF files, digital guides, digital catalogs, digital magazines, digital books and internet directories. Another product is Office to FlipBook Tools that is the leading software for creating a PowerPoint presentation to flash flip book and flash photo album.

About is a business software company that provides digital publishing tools for creating impressive books and magazines for both business owners and home work. Start publishing online page flip publications by visiting

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training Series Available on Masterys Mobile-Friendly VOD3 Platform

Novi, MI (PRWEB) March 17, 2014

Giving presentations in the workplace causes anxiety for many employees. Anxieties can be felt from fear of forgetting content, providing false information, finding a mistake in the work being presented, nervousness causing speech issues, as well as common technological errors. Effective training on presentation skills promotes comprehension and confidence in utilizing presentation tools which, in turn, leads employees to create more effective and efficient presentations. A common presentation tool in the workplace is Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This month, Mastery Technologies released an entire series of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 courses on its mobile-friendly, third generation Video On Demand (VOD3) platform.

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DISCcert Offers Training Options for DISC Certification in its Apr-May Schedule

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 19, 2014

DISCcerts DISC Certification programs for April/May are now open for registration for a four part online webinar series scheduled for Wed April, 23rd, 30th, May 14th and 21st at 11AM PST. Trainers from all over the country are invited to attend via Internet. Locally, in San Diego California, DISCcert also offers a 2 day in person program. The next 2 day program takes place Thurs May 28th and Friday May 29th from 8am 4:30pm. The four part webinar series and 2 day program have been structured to furnish trainers with an extensive DISC training curriculum as well as tools and techniques that can be immediately executed. Both certify trainers to use DISC as a tool for many applications. Learning Activities, Powerpoint presentations and lesson plans supply a trainer with DISC materials that can effectively be used for coaching, training, and organizational development.

Corporate trainers whose objective is to facilitate DISC with confidence and competence, will find the training curriculum to be practical as well as engaging. Participants will learn how to use DISC for their own professional career development as well as have the opportunity to develop a more positive and productive corporate culture within their organization. Attendees will discover how DISC can be used for teambuilding, executive coaching, management skills, conflict resolution, and sales training. Additional DISC applications include conflict resolution, change management, customer service, on-boarding and performance development.

“Offering options in training makes it easier for trainers to become DISC certified. shares Miss Burn. “Now busy corporate executives can choose either online or in person DISC Certifications to fit more conveniently into their schedules.”

For more information, and to register for both the online and in person programs please visit:

DISCcert offers three options for a comprehensive DISC certification program: the two-day classroom format, the in-house program and now the four-part webinar series. All three options enable organizations to save money by capitalizing on their internal training talent. The past and present financial stress has caused many organizations to reduce their training budgets and search out options for capitalizing on their in-house human resource expertise. Becoming DISC certified through DISCcert has been the choice of organizations nationwide.

DISC certified graduates who have taken the DISCcert program, quickly learn how to use the most practical DISC training tools for optimum results. As a result, trainers are able to successfully launch DISC at their organizations, as well as easily implement a reinforcement strategy to ensure ongoing positive progress and development.

Bonnie Burn is a 30-year master corporate trainer and author of Assessment A to Z, Jossey-Bass Publishing. Her expertise as a professional DISC expert and corporate trainer have led her to design the most up-to-date and comprehensive DISC Certification Program available. Through her company, DISCcert, business trainers and HR training professionals can easily gain confidence in knowing how to successfully teach DISC throughout their entire organization.

Burn is committed to ensuring that all DISC trainers and HR professionals are successful with their training in the short and long term. Here is a sampling of what one graduate is saying: “At the end of the program you will feel confident and prepared to effectively use the tool to coach and develop employees at all levels.” Others can be found at Success Stories. She has trained over 420,000 people in corporate, government and non-profit organizations.

DISCcert offers one of the nations leading DISC certification programs with three options for becoming DISC certified: a classroom program, an in-house session, and a live webinar format. Burn envisioned a DISC training resource company that provided practical coaching for trainers prior to, during and after the achievement of DISC certification.

The sessions are positive, engaging, empowering and an ongoing learning experience. The professionally-prepared PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, leaders guides, and learning activities are designed so that each company or organization can customize them to fit their specific needs. In addition, DISC certified graduates receive 24/7 access to more than 200 DISC training resources, LinkedIn DISCcert Trainers Group and automated weekly DISC Tips.

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HIPAA Security Rule Training PPT for Covered Entities and Business Associates Now Available for Download from the Healthcare Experts at

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

Covered Entities and Business Associates can now instantly download the HIPAA Security Rule training PPT that includes dozens of high-quality, in-depth, and easy-to-use and understand slides. No need to spend thousands of dollars on security rule training for HIPAA, just rely on the expert at and the industry leading HIPAA Security Rule training PPT.

The security awareness and training material from that comes complete with the following documentation:

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Newly Released PCI Security Policies and Procedures for PCI DSS 3.0 Available for Download from the PCI DSS Specialists at

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 20, 2014 has just developed the worlds leading set of PCI security policies and procedures for version 3.0 of the PCI DSS standards. With hundreds of pages of industry leading policies, procedures, forms, checklists and more nows the time to download the All-in-One PCI DSS package today from the proven and trusted experts at

The PCI security policies and procedures for version 3.0 includes the following material:

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Blue Water Nursery Grows New Customers with High Definition LED Sign

Kingsland, TX (PRWEB) March 24, 2014

The central Texas town of Kingsland has its own tagline: Where the rivers flow and the bluebonnets grow. You can hardly locate it on the map, but where the mighty Colorado River meets the Llano River, youll find a tiny unincorporated slice of Heaven where vacation homes and boat docks dot the landscape. A little under 6,000 people call Kingsland home, and all who do are enamored with the easy lifestyle and temperate weather. A top-rated retirement community, many residents enjoy spending their time fishing, swimming, watersking, biking and gardening.

Located on the main artery that runs through the town, Blue Water Nursery does a brisk business in the spring when the seasonals are available, and they are the area leader in Christmas tree sales. For years they were content to let their small wooden sign point the way to the front door, but recently owner Larry Skero decided it was time for a change. The sign needed freshening up. Some extra eye-candy could only help business, he reasoned.

A quick search on the internet led Skero to the answer. He opted to go with a high definition digital LED retail sign from Advantage LED Signs in Houston. He was intrigued at the full color animation; the ability to change the signs content from his computer whenever he wanted, and the noticeability it would add on the highway.

What he didnt expect was the response it would receive from the community.

Since we installed the sign weve decided to take a look at our radio and print advertising, Office Manager Amie Moore explains. Print and radio have brought little traffic in. Were going to let the LED do our advertising for us and see what happens.

The sign was shipped to the store late last year, and local installers quickly hung it up on the side of the road where it acts as a beacon for traveling drivers.

Blue Water Nursery recently chose to add to their growing staff. They ran an ad in the local newspaper and received exactly one phone call. When they flashed the Help Wanted content on the LED sign they were inundated with potential employees walking in.

People were coming in by the hour! exclaimed Moore.

Theres really nothing else like the 3’6 x 6’1 12.5mm iPixel Full Color LED Sign in town, and it certainly gets noticed. Customers that walk in constantly rave about the colorful ads and enticing specials flashing on the digital retail sign. Its impossible to miss on the busy thoroughfare.

Moore is especially impressed with the in-depth training she received on the software and how easy it is to create new movies for the sign. She uses PowerPoint to design her ad and simply uploads it to the sign for minute-by-minute scheduling.

Everyone at Advantage LED Signs has been awesome to work with, Moore states. My hats off to them.

As the busy season approaches, everyone at Blue Water Nursery is excited to see how the sign will improve their bottom line. One things for sure the new sign wont go unnoticed.

About Advantage LED Signs:

Established in 2009, Advantage LED Signs is a US manufacturer of LED signs and LED Billboards, selling direct to businesses and organizations nationwide. Advantage LED Signs operates as a total turn-key solution provider, stating that no job is too big or too small.

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New Online Classes for Artists & Creators from Licensing Expert Jnet Smith

(PRWEB) March 24, 2014

Artists, who often work alone, have the challenge of learning about new business subjects, as well as keeping their personal momentum going. This is one of the reasons that All Art Licensing continuously refines and presents such detailed classes and blogs, month after month, for artists, graphic designers, cartoonists and creators of all kinds who wish to grow their business and revenue.

I also believe that our ability to train artists in some of the most challenging business aspects of marketing and licensing, such as new business development, creating collections, contracts and negotiations, is really unique, shares Jnet Smith, owner/founder of All Art Licensing. Smith, who built the Dilbert brand from its infancy as a cartoon strip to the preeminent corporate global icon, then utilized this marketing, brand-building and licensing expertise to establish All Art Licensing. This year, Jnet was appointed as the Official Art & Design Blogger of Licensing Expo 2014.

All Art Licensings Worldwide Creators Intensive, the companys online educational component of the coaching and consulting business, offers free and affordable live and downloadable training. This spring there are four new live online classes slated, three of which are completely new and one which has been fully updated and expanded for 2014.

The courses are not promotional events, but comprehensive academic courses. All classes are designed to inspire and stimulate your desire to succeed in your goals, by providing practical and immediately useful information, explicit and expert from the trenches advice, and relevant how to examples.

We have taught thousands of classes around the world, and All Art Licensing has always received fantastic reviews from the creators and professionals who have taken them! states Smith.

Below are links to the full schedule of live classes that run through May 2014.

Ask Jnet Q&A

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 12 noon to 1 p.m. PDT/3 p.m. 4 p.m. EDT

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 12 noon to 1 p.m. PDT/3 p.m. 4 p.m. EDT

Price: FREE Register: HERE

These one-hour classes are live phone events, where artists provide questions about art, design & character licensing and Jnet provides the answers. Artists will type in their questions on the registration form, and Jnet will answer as many questions as possible during the hour.

The dial-in number and access code for the class the night before the event from All Art Licensing. This is not an 800 number, so standard long distance fees will apply.

Todays PR and Promotion Essentials for Art Licensors (Emerging Artist/Beginner Level)

Special BonusJnet Smith of All Art Licensing will be joined by Guest Presenter, Greg Walsh of Walsh PR, who will discuss social medias role, mistakes to avoid and hot tips and trends in PR!!

Date: Wednesday April 9, 2014

Time: 12 noon – 2 p.m. PDT/3 p.m. 5 p.m. EDT

Duration: 2 hours including Q&A

Price: $ 60 Register: HERE

This class is for the emerging and intermediate level art licensor, those who both have agents and are working solo. This is a comprehensive course taught by Jnet that moves the art licensor from wondering how to get the word out about the brand or business to managing press and promotions (or understanding how to manage a PR agency or agent, if they handle the press).

The class will teach you how to:

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